Katy Perry Gets Blinded by the Future Light in Vogue Italia by Francesco Carrozzini

Francesco Carrozzini and Katy Perry bring a little high-fashion animation to the pages of Vogue Italia. Wearing a wild combination of wigs, in cotton-candy pink & platinum blond, the singer is transformed into a “Mod Doll” for this modern story, that leaves everything to the imagination.  Hardly recognizable, the singer fights to lose her cartoonish persona, with a divine mix of looks, that take her from kitchy to chic. Embracing her eclectic roots, Perry channels her creative energy toward the avant-garde world of fashion design, for a layout that looks stylish not silly.  The distinction is significant.  For someone who makes a living off of their over-the-top fashion antics, the haute-couture world can be and unforgiving one.  If you want to be taken serious in the industry, it’s takes more than fancy “repackaging.”  This is an artistic arena, if you focus on the elements of style, and leave the cartoons for the kids, then you stand a chance at being seen as relevant/cool.  And with this dynamic take on “Future Mod,” Katy Perry is definitely heading in the right direction.