Miles Aldridge Reflects Philosopher Albert Camus with Cara Delevingne in “Red Lion” for Numéro

The Zen Master of fashion-art, Miles Aldridge, infuses his own brand of tilted-vibrancy into modern suburbia, for Numéro #135.  Cara Delevingne searches for the “Red Lion” within, in this twisted tale of frenetic loneliness.  Turning the seemingly innocuous into high-style insanity, this master photographer finds elements of the extreme hidden beneath the veneer of everyday life.  Where others see baron, he sees abundance.  His irreverent tone gives his work the kind of temperament that transcends the digital experience.  In an effort to expose the truth, Aldridge finds the pulse points of pop-culture and takes them to their absurd edge.  By deliberately poking fun at the insanity of modern life, he is able to explore deeper issues, and create a platform for discussion.  His subjects may exude a false bravado, but their glossy facade only belies a deeper sense of emptiness.  The great philosopher, Albert Camus, often spoke about the philosophical phenomena of absurdity & nostalgia, and when they intersect, the influence they have on human behavior.  With his genius use of familiar imagery, Miles Aldridge, uses these very constructs to convey his message.  As a Fashion-Philosopher I use the tools of modern art to excavate & examine the relevant topics of today, and thought-provoking works (like these), provide a unique perspective on the landscape of modern life.