Tosca Dekker Basks in the Nocturnal Sunshine for ‘Lace Romance’

Basking in the nocturnal sunshine, Tosca Dekker explores the power of opposites in ‘Lace Romance’ by Tina Luther for the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong.  Finding the balance of equals, we are reminded of the duality that exists within us.  Each body housing the dark/light, male/female, cruel/kind, hard/soft – and so it goes.  An infinite force of attraction and repulsion, bound together in chemical dependency.  The dueling dance of submission, we are led to believe we can’t trust our own instincts.  That everything must fall into a category of black or white, good or evil.  We are taught to not believe in our own ability to find satisfaction. Seeking vision, the avant-garde styling of the blacked-out eyes is a powerful statement on female empowerment.  Looking beyond the pages of editorials, it’s incumbent upon us to find the message within the Art.