Codie Young by Ben Hassett for Vogue Russia

The latest fashion art installation comes from Ben Hassett, in the form of these amazing Beauty Collages, created for the September issue of Vogue Russia. Codie Young’s face is the subject of this surreal exhibit, where various pieces of her torn images are reassembled into modern art.  Derived from the French word, à coller (to glue), this century old technique relies on the concept of recreation, pasting together unique forms of dismantled items.  It’s the amalgamation of the imagination that makes this art-form so innovative. Forging together that which may be diametrically opposed, or offering a new way to view the old, is a profound & powerful tool.  This Collage-Montage asks the philosophical question, what makes something beautiful?  That which society deems ideal, when viewed in pieces, takes on a whole new perspective. Collages are sculptures of synthesized separates, integrated & unified to create an abstract composition. These tablets of vision, are built to inspire deep thought & open dialogue.