Comme des Garçons ‘Paper Doll’ Explosion Lee Som Vogue Korea

Every year a few iconic images come to define a season, and for Fall 2012, two of the most prevalent have been the large-brimmed, Balenciaga ‘tent hats,’ and the Comme des Garçons, candy-colored ‘Paper Doll Coats.’  Playing the living doll, Lee Som comes alive, for Kim Bo Sung in the August issue of Vogue Korea. With a flare for the dramatic, these showstoppers often make a splash on the runway, while not necessarily translating to the real world.  But, wearability isn’t the main goal.  These “chosen few” pieces become synonymous with the time period, and go down in history as markers of the era.  This kind of visibility & advertising can’t be bought, it’s priceless.  No one knows why certain looks catch on, like a wild-fire, they just ignite.  These dynamic pieces of sartorial-art come to represent trend shifts, and define a moment in fashion time.  A highly conceptual line, Comme des Garçons is known for it’s avant-garde appeal, often presenting collections that feel more like live art installations than runway shows.  And head artist/designer, Rei Kawakubo, never misses an opportunity to make a statement, using her spotlight to explore relevant issues & expose industry infractions.  This Fall’s ‘flat’ creative was meant to be a commentary on “dimensionality,” by pushing the lines of satire & style.  And while it was clearly the Pop-Art visual that captured our collective imagination, it’s inspiring to know there is an underlying message fueling the fashion.