Deconstructing Beauty in ‘Matières à Sensations’ by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris

In this avant-garde deconstruction of Fall’s beauty trends, we look at the craze for cosmetics, and the underlying elements of our beauty obsession.  Dying to be seen, Isabeli Fontana takes her love for makeup to it’s insane ends, in Mario Sorrenti’s ‘Matières à Sensations,’ for the August issue of Vogue Paris. When taken out of control, we see that all the things that occupy our fancy, can become the vehicles of our destruction.  Lost in our lust for perfection, we build our daily arsenal, filling it with more and more “things” we can’t live without.  An ever growing list that seems to feed on itself, we succumb to a perverse loop of consumption.  Piling & pillaging, we’ve become hunters/gatherers of products.  Endlessly pacifying ourselves with the newest and best, never weaning always wanting.  Longing to be free from this prison of products, but only ever adding to our toxic list of “chemical dependencies.” Drained of our will, at what point do we become the very things we use to camouflage ourselves.  At what point do we become a “Product” of our environment.