Saskia de Brauw in ‘Living Large’ by Mert & Marcus, W Mag

I feel like I’ve gotten on the Mert & Marcus Fall Fashion Train and I don’t want to get off – or, as their work is utterly orgasmic (I guess I am getting off) – either way I’m a full on M & M convert.  And looking at Saskia de Brauw in ‘Living Large’ for the W Magazine September Issue, it’s easy to see why.  This dynamic duo is currently responsible for a significant amount of the artistic output in the commercial & editorial world.  Their avant-garde vision has become a huge influence within the fashion industry, and a guiding force for styles & trends.  With their untamed spirit at the helm, we’ve become the beneficiaries to a highly conceptual season filled with passionate imagery and  fashion forward designs.  The heightened focus on creativity over glamour helps us imagine a new cultural direction, one that inspires both beauty & innovation.  A call for an end to the artistic mediocrity that has infiltrated modern society.  This is a movement toward art over airbrushing.  One requires interpretive engagement, while the other asks you to follow blindly, without questioning talent or taste.  We have suffered too long in this artistic vacuum, forced to endure the vapid and undervalue the relevant.  So with each cutting-edge presentation from Mert & Marcus, hope prevails, making way for change.