Kinga Rajzak is Electric in ‘Dazzle’ for 10 Magazine by Benjamin Lennox

Fashion 2012 goes radioactive in ‘Dazzle’ by Benjamin Lennox for the Autumn issue of 10 Magazine.  Kinga Rajzak is the perfect blank canvas, as she lets the art of the fashion shine through and the dynamic designs take center stage.  Celebrating the intricacy & decadence that has come to define this Fall’s extraordinary lineup, Hector Castro’s styling exposes the creative brilliance that makes each look a unique standout.  With cinematic flare, this noir-style shoot captures the individual power of each trend, and shows us the fashion-forward way.  ‘Dazzle’ shines with a special combination of artistry & accessibility – it’s divinely editorial without feeling overly exclusive – it’s the way of the future.  The avant-garde energy of this layout is palpable, but more importantly, it’s seductive.  There is something truly captivating about these images that leave you desiring more.  Each frame is a story in/of itself, enticing and uplifting.  This is the picture of a modern fashionista.  She is strong, smart, creative & complex – and she makes no apologies for it.  She is less about the labels and more about the inspiration behind them.  She is who I aspire to be, and that is why this pictorial has caught my eye and my imagination.  In the end, what separates the Real (fashion lovers) from the Wannabes…is the appreciation of art.  Source (fashioncopious).