Nicole Kidman in ‘Truth of Bare’ by Mario Testino for V Magazine

Getting a little cheeky, the divine Ms. K shows more than skin in ‘Truth or Bare’ by Mario Testino for the September issue of V Magazine.  There is something about these images that seem to scream FU, but in an artful way (of course).  Her talent simply trumps all, even her nudity feels more exposé that exposed.  Every move she makes comes off so authentic & relevant, there’s never a need to question her intent.  She is the antithesis of the manufactured actresses that would call themselves her piers, she is just above them. Fiercely intellectual, a state she has come by through years of absorbing great literature, she is pure to her craft.  An unshakable thespian, when reading accounts of her urinating on a fellow actor I actually found myself relieved (no pun intended).  That is, to know there is someone, in this day/age, so committed to her art a ‘pee-double’ wouldn’t even cross her mind, gives me hope.  Nicole Kidman is a rare creature, and one that only gets better with time.  I believe the next five years will bring incredible things from this amazing actress, unexpected & exciting, just like these captivating images.