Sara Blomqvist Exposes the Raw Beauty of Fall Jewelry Numéro China

In this Native American inspired layout, Tiziano Magni mixes the authenticity of design with hyper-modern styling, for a sublime culture-crossing experience, in the August issue of Numéro China.  In this Fall Jewelry Story, Sara Blomqvist goes a la’ natural, with avant-garde interpretive “face-painting,” and haute-couture double-buns.  Set against a pastel-colored background, the intricate details of these ornate pieces are exposed against the raw beauty of bare skin.  Looks by Hermès, De Grisogono, Dior & Louis Vuitton give us an enticing taste of trends to come.  In this homage to the Indian Heritage, we feel the power of historical relevance and inspiration of creative influence, captured in the artistry of the moment.