Get Your ComicCon on with ‘Super Linda’ for W Magazine

Linda Evangelista is a Fall Fantasy in the W Magazine September 2012 issue of the same name.  With amped up powers, Steven Klein gives us an updated version of the 90’s SuperModel in, ‘Super Linda.’  Fighting the good fashion fight, this avant-garde superhero roams the streets looking for someone in need of sartorial saving.  In head-to-toe leather/vinyl catsuits, Evangalista is a visual masterpiece, complete with an otherworldly glow.  Klein wastes no time reaching maximum velocity in this supercharged spectacle, diving right into the creative chaos, packed with rich layers of fantasy action.  With a dominatrix-heavy theme (including neoprene plastic boobs), this new age graphic-goddess will have no problem fitting into the pantheon of modern female action figures.  Ripe with subversive subtext, the sexiness rises, in this stylish story that has just the right amount of darkness & edge – perfect for a next-gen ComicCon-Queen.