Vs. Magazine

Calling their Fall/Winter 2012 the ‘Eccentric’ issue, Vs. Magazine has 4 cover options featuring a diverse group of interesting women.  By having all four covers go with 1 uniform style, it really illustrates the personal power of each individual, and their ability to stand out in a crowd.  Proving that the power to pop isn’t just skin-deep, the strength of each woman penetrates the pink neon, with something far greater than physical beauty.  Ellen von Unwerth shoots the untamed beauty that is Coco Rocha, while Guy Aroch gives us a steamier Amanda Seyfried.  And doing a little career jumping, Drew Barrymore finds the indie in Rachel McAdams, while model Helena Christensen goes behind the camera and captures the vulnerability in Liv Tyler.  By highlighting the eccentricities that make us all wonderfully unique Vs. shows us why, as a culture, we are ready to move on from the ‘reality era’ that has plagued us for far too long.  The strength and complexities of people can only shine through if they authentically exist.  And the “reality” is that certain qualities (talent, depth, strength, charisma, vulnerability, perseverance & intelligence) can not be manufactured.  To me celebrating the eccentric is celebrating individual strength – and that is earned not given.  We have found ourselves in a place where too many of our cherished, coveted positions have been squandered away, given to those who may not possess the skills to deliver on it, and ultimately leading them to pull us down as a society.  Talent & innovation drives the ship to higher ground, mediocrity grinds it to a halt.  There is no substitution for the real thing, and to me, that which makes us eccentric…makes us relevant.