Alison Nix in ‘Future Effect’ by Hans Feurer for Glamour It

Fashion is meant to move in one direction, forward.  Hans Feurer captures the fashion-forward spirit in, ‘Future Effect,’ for the September 2012 issue of Glamour Italia.  Alison Nix learns sometimes you gotta’ rebel to excel, as she braves the world in a crazy mix of cool – featuring hyper-modern wears from this season’s most cutting edge designers.  Combining futuristic styles with a gritty, urban backdrop gives these ‘runway ready’ pieces a much needed boost of street-cred.  Hidden within the extremes are exciting, innovative ideas, ready to be reimagined & reinterpreted.  If you have an affinity for genre-mixing & power-layering then this is the season for you (think khaki over metallic).  So don’t get bogged down by the details (whether or not you would ever wear thigh-high net boots or garbage bag style leg warmers), instead follow your instinct, and allow yourself to be inspired by the bigger story.  Before you know it, you’ll have your own version of future fashion filling up your wardrobe.  Source (fashioncopious).