i-D Magazine Features Ye Hongxing’s Collage Series ‘Modern Utopia’

Introducing a new mosaic art-form, i-D magazine features the work of innovative artist, Ye Hongxing, from her current exhibition, ‘The Modern Utopia.’  Titled after H.G. Wells’ famous novel of the same name, this series explores familiar themes of social evolution.  Created from a random combination of torn-up stickers and jeweled sequins, elaborate collages are built on the concept of conversion.  A statement on the power of transformation, these eclectic pieces aim to re-purpose (seemingly) insignificant material into substantial works of modern art.  Colorful images that appear familiar from a distance, take on a more chaotic feel when viewed up close.  A depiction of life growing up in a radically changing China, ever-changing tapestries reflect the underlying sense of instability that comes from living in perpetual chaos. Often thought to be a ‘clash of cultures,’ Hongxing’s work is a creative collection of Eastern/Western influences, ranging from pop-culture iconography to spiritual symbolism. Stimulating visuals explode in an amalgamation of juxtaposed imagery, designed to expose a fast-paced society lacking connection. This is a picture of modern life – the conceptual corralling of our collective need to control our surroundings.