Celebrate the Art of Rock & Roll in F/W 2012 Issue of Another Magazine

Daniel Jackson celebrates the 70’s scene in the  F/W 2012 issue of Another Magazine.  A time when musical heroes were known for embodying their characters, heart & soul, this layout is a grand dedication to the decade of decadence.  Transport yourself back as models Erjona Ala, Laura Kampman, Maria Bradley and Melissa Stasiuk channel the great icons of era, in this authentic tribute to the Art of Rock/Roll.  Honoring talent over celebrity status, these great singers were considered modern-day philosopher-poets, not prepacked pop stars.  Musicians that lived their lives to entertain and spread their genius, this is the picture of the counter-culture movement.  A generation driven by the creative vision of change and the ultimate pursuit of passionate living.  Allow yourself to be inspired by these updated interpretations of 70’s style, and empowered by the spirit they represent.