Crystal Renn in ‘NY in the Grit’ Laurie Bartley, Numéro Tokyo

Laurie Bartley goes subterranean in ‘NY in the Grit’ for the September issue of Numéro Tokyo. A story of lost love, Crystal Renn uses the dark sensuality of the city’s subway to play host to her broken heart. Taking us underground, Renn’s inner chaos is no match for her claustrophobic surroundings, as she sets out on a losing battle against time and space. Submerged in the shadows, we witness the unraveling of hope. Each beautifully shattered image portrays a woman’s desperate attempts to escape the pain of her own tortured soul. Lost in the catacombs of self-recrimination, the earth’s womb provides no comfort against the drudgery of doubt. Dressed in a gorgeous mix of darkly-ominous wears from the likes of Alexander Wang, Emilio Pucci, Gucci and Mugler, this talented chameleon embodies her tormented state with artful anguish and stylish despair.

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