‘Face the Future’ a Harsh Look Ahead by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia

What determines beauty?  Steven Meisel goes looking for the answers in the September 2012 issue of Vogue Italia.  Carolyn Murphy keeps things real, as the world around her turns to plastic in the disturbing editorial, ‘Face the Future.’ Images that only a decade ago would have seemed distorted and horror-like, now appear commonplace.  A sad commentary on our desensitization to the madness,  Meisel delves into the dark world of plastic surgery, and exposes societies’ ever-growing addiction to this new ‘abnormal.’  Generations of women are altering their looks in a vain attempt to augment & enhance themselves out of the aging process. While millions of faces are metamorphisizing into lifeless masks, from the increased overuse of Fillers, Botox, Implants and more.

There is an unnatural evolution of beauty happening.  While many are willing to pay anything for a line-free life, the price can often be too high.  Adding to this disturbing reality is the fact that so many women seem impervious to their wildly distorted features & odd appearance.  Causing a kind of  ‘Collective Dysmorphia,’ the tunnel vision is so extreme, it would be fascinating, if it weren’t so tragic.  It’s as if when they look in the mirror all they can see is the lack of wrinkles.  A myopic view that has literally shrunk their world to the size of a few pores.

It’s an insidious process that’s taking place.  One appointment at a time, they give themselves over to strangers, in the hope of halting time.  And desperation being what it is, more and more smart, beautiful women are being leveraged right out of their minds.  I can tell you how it goes from experience.  I call it, ‘getting them at the B.’  Everything starts with Botox, a procedure that, by comparison, seems relatively harmless.  And as many people see great results, it’s the perfect time for a little medical ‘bait/switch.’ Sometime during your first treatment you’ll get the line, “have you ever thought about adding a little volume to your cheeks?’  And before you know it, you’re holding that dangerous little mirror, going through your face – quadrant by quadrant – like some kind of crazed lunatic.

This is where I believe many patients get halted.  With each new injection they are unable to see past their original Botox success.  While the rest of the world can appreciate the extreme change, they can’t seem to absorb what is happening to their face.  Slowly they begin to morph into something unreal and unattractive, and in a sad & ironic twist – they actually begin to appear older.  In their misguided obsession with eternal youth, they actually end up giving theirs away.  Beauty Kharma’s a Bitch.