Sebastian Kim Tackles Serious Topic in ‘A Sign of the Times’

Sebastian Kim takes to the streets in, ‘Sign of the Times,’ for the October 2012 issue of Vogue Germany. Imbuing a serious topic with a bit of kitch, Magdalena Langrova portrays the plight of a modern ‘bag lady,’ in this edgy, editorial laced with deeper meaning.  Piled high in designer goods, but unable to pay her rent – this story shines a light on a society plagued by material madness.  Wearing a walking wardrobe comprised of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh, this wild combination of patterns, prints, paisleys & plaids express the chaos of a culture (literally) weighed down by greed.  Standing on the streets of Paris, in front of high-end boutiques, the perverse juxtaposition of this ‘haute homeless scene’ couldn’t be more clear. A cautionary tale on the realities of overspending, this layout reminds us – if you live for fashion you might end up buried in style.