Viviane Sassen Dares Us to Defy the Derivative in Another Mag

The greatest photographers continue to redefine their medium, forcing the limits of dimensions, in an effort to create worlds within worlds.  Models Franzi Mueller and Lula Osterdahl are vessels of avant-garde expression, for Viviane Sassen’s thought-provoking editorial, in the F/W 2012 issue of Another Magazine.  A conceptual take on the cult of conformity, this creative vision is a grand gesture of artistic inspiration.  Using the severe shapes as a kind of conduit of poetic precision, Sassen’s work depicts the commanding starkness of rigidity, and haunting harmony of perfection.  In an act of overt defiance, she breaks up the tortured symmetry with beautiful pieces of chaos – offering a creative life-line to the subjugated masses. Daring us to defy the derivative, this provocative series honors the passion of movement, while embracing the rebellion of the moment.  From one frame to the next her story moves with the fluidity of a live performance.  Showing us that in a world of sync & symmetry, the reality of humanity will always get in.