Bekah Jenkins Shines in ‘Dark Ages’ for Fashion Canada

Finally a beauty story that matches the majesty of the black-on-black fashion moment we’re enjoying this season.  Answering the glamour call, Bekah Jenkins stuns us senseless in, ‘Dark Ages’ by Gabor Jurina for the October issue of Fashion Canada.  Exploring the dramatic side of Fall, the power of modern color comes into focus.  We have been presented this year with combinations of black, unlike we’ve ever seen.  A beautiful mix of fabric, texture, and style cascade in dynamic layers, creating a multi-tonal effect.  Often relegated to categories like ‘goth’ or ‘fetish,’ head-to-toe dark styles have long been associated with the more ‘cultish’ side of design.  Staples including the LBD (little black dress) will always have their place in our wardrobe lineup, but the industry’s love of all-black is an exciting new shift.  The exquisite shades of ebony show themselves in the form of gilded fabrics, ornate accessories and unique design elements – all popping against the backdrop of a dark clothing palette.  This modern approach to styling, allows for the varieties of raven to stand-out, creating a powerful statement.  And rising to the challenge, Fall’s brave new beauty offers a multitude of modern choices.  Overly romantic hair accentuates the sensuality of this style, while bold jewel-toned makeup matches the power.  Whether it’s trying the ‘no-brow/lashes’ look, or finding a vintage enamel head-piece that will make you standout – it’s all about taking risks.  This is the year to celebrate the artistry of fashion, and explore the many facets of your individual style.