Ginta Lapina Can’t Conceal Her Black Obsession in Numéro Tokyo #61 by Nino Munoz

Ginta Lapina is mad for black in the November 2012 cover/editorial of Numéro Tokyo #61.  Unable to conceal her obsession with this Fall’s dark-on-dark phenomenon, a blonde Lapina, turns the ebony shade on herself with blackened fingertips and a kohl smudged face.  Nino Munoz, gives us the avant-garde version of a ‘fashion craze,’ hinting at the unruly rebellion that’s lurks just below the stylish surface.  Fabrics like, leather and fur, once used to up the edge factor, have been somewhat sanitized by the commercial fashion industry of late. So in an attempt to bring the ‘bad’ back to bad-girl styles, this funky editorial amps things up to a level of crazy, sexy, cool.