It’s a Fashion Walk-Off in ‘Let’s Go’ Glamour It by Hans Feurer

Hans Feurer’s soldiers of fashion hit the streets of Milan, with one thing on their minds, to strike a pose. Looking hot, these girls are on fire in ‘Let’s Go’ for the October issue of Glamour Italia.  Turning the road into a runway, Lidia Kochetkova, Alexa Corlett, Edda Oscars, Fatou Noba and Natallia Krauchanka go to creative extremes with Fall’s eclectic mix of high-end designs.  It’s a walk-off, with crazy looks from skater to punk, and every genre in-between.  Wild combinations of animal prints will make you feel like you’re in the concrete jungle on a style safari.  So get a little freaky with fashion this season, and let these funky looks inspire you.