Nadja Bender Pops off the Page in ‘Strip’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro #138


In this season of noir style editorials Greg Kadel’s, ‘Strip,’ explodes with color in the November issue of Numéro #138.  Using his powers of digital mastery, Greg Kadel lures us with his stunning use of color saturation.  Defying the laws of physics, his images dare to cross dimensions with shots that literally pop of the page, begging to be touched.  Textures come alive with possibility, as Nadja Bender’s bare skin is transformed into sculpted shapes of modern art.  Using the natural environment, Kadel’s ability to bring out the beauty of his surroundings is unparalleled   Aging paint and rusted steel assume poetic qualities when placed in front on his lens, and lend to the layered effect of his stories.  A visual pioneer, his work inspires a purely visceral response.