Karlie Kloss Plays a Long, Lean Femme-Bot Dream in Numéro #13 by Greg Kadel

A long, lean fighting machine, Karlie Kloss shows up ready to play, for Greg Kadel in the October #13 issue of Numéro Magazine.  A 21st century femme-bot dream, she is the picture of flawless perfection.  Standing high atop the city, her sexy silhouette takes shape against the paleness of an overcast sky.  An awe-inspiring site, the other-worldly dimensions of her sculpted physique, rise in a symphony of architectural splendor. Harnessing the lines of a dancer’s body, Kloss creates powerful shapes that are the embodiment of female strength.  Wearing an enticing combination of leather and latex, these liquid looks ride the curves of her figure like a second skin.  Lose yourself in the illusion of pure fashion fantasy.  And remember, these are the images of a 5’11’ Goddess – we’re not meant to understand those heavenly proportions.