Steven Meisel Revives Print Trend ‘More is More’ for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong.

Finally giving us a reason to get excited about Fall’s pantheon of prints, Steven Meisel creates a fantasy of riches in, ‘More is More,’ for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong.  Reviving this trend, he chooses a cheery group of patterns & prints, combined with brilliant pops of color and surrealistic images.  Showing us this style can reach beyond it’s current state of sartorial stuckness, Meisel infuses a much needed hit of youth & vitality into the mix.  The risk of overexposure can be, that by the time the season starts, you’re already over a look without ever having worn it.  We’ve been weighed down by an onslaught of similar editorials, featuring the same (somber) designer prints – styled in the same exact way.  This visual overdose effectively saturated the market and deluded the Power of the Print.  However, with this vibrant layout we’re reminding that variety really is the spice of fashion life.  Source (Image Amplified).