Imprisoned by Love’s Agony ‘Strike Fall’s Couture’ in CR Fashion Book #1 by Carine Roitfeld

Descending from the creative heights of fashion, Carine Roitfeld directs a cinema of style in, ‘Strike Fall’s Couture,’ for CR Fashion Book #1.  Witness the majesty of mastery, as Luca Guadagnino uses the power of Haute Couture to capture the poetic arc of passion.  In this sweeping tale of epic romance the opposing forces of love depict the drama of the human condition.  Imprisoned by love’s agony, Stef Van Der Laan and David Kammenos play paramours, desperate to defy the odds and find eternal happiness.  The artistry of these designs reflect the intricacy of great emotion, while the inspiration speaks to a one-of-a-kind love. Awe-inspiring visions bring to life the will of the heart and the soul of the spirit.