Zuzanna Bijoch Crosses Artistic Mediums in Flesz Magazine

Crossing over, Hunter & Gatti take us on a spiritual journey in, ‘Daj Sie Skusic,’ for the October issue of Flesz Magazine.  Inspired by the other-worldly beauty of Zuzanna Bijoch, dynamic studio shots bleed into a series of acrylic paintings, creating a transcendental crossover between artistic mediums.  Capturing the power of the female spirit, Bijoch’s photographic images move into the canvas works, echoing the loneliness of our journey.  A conceptual take on the harrowing path to empowerment, this series speaks to the enduring strength of the modern woman.  With editorials that continue to merge fashion & art, we find we can go ever deeper in our search for higher meaning.  Source (FGR).