Devour the Decadence ‘Jolgorio Y Algarabia’ Mario Testino, Vogue Spain

It’s a fashion explosion in ‘Jolgorio Y Algarabia’ by Mario Testino for the December issue of Vogue Spain. Devour the decadence in this high-gloss world of glamour and excess, starring Natasha Poly, Eva Herzigova, Isabeli Fontana, Jon Kortazjarena and Aymeline Valade.  A nod to the swinging-60′s, this dynamic editorial reminds us of a time when unfiltered exhibitionism was the name of the game. Technicolored overlays lend to the retro-vibe, while candid displays of luxury bleed into one another like some kind of editorial orgy.  An after-hours visual feast, Testino’s captivating images pull you in with a seductive mix of of style and stimulation.