Ellen Von Unwerth Delivers Decadence in ‘Party Dolls’ for Vogue Japan

Ellen Von Unwerth unmasks the ugly-truth in, ‘Party Dolls,’ for the December issue of Vogue Japan. Intoxicated by the madness, Josephine Skriver and Anja Konstantinova unravel with the reverie in their relentless pursuit of endless excess. A beautiful symphony of self-destruction, these graphic images capture the seething mass of contradictions that lye just below the glossy surface.  A party of pretty people, these shiny pictures of perfection mask an undercurrent of darkness, that rise up like so many empty bubbles.  A statement on the loneliness of shallow pursuits, Unwerth has the remarkable ability to point her high powered perception at the truth and find a treasure of untapped poetry.  Art built on the concept of discovery, this layout reminds us that beauty is only skin deep, to find more you must explore.  Embrace the philosophy of fashion.