Toni Garrn in ‘Toni’s Tribe’ by Nino Muñoz for December Issue of Numéro #62

Toni Garrn is one Haute-Hippi in ‘Toni’s Tribe’ by Nino Muñoz for the #62 issue of Numéro Tokyo. No longer concerned with keeping up authentic appearances, the new bohemian glamour-girl embraces her sartorial upgrade with looks that combine high-end couture with street-style cool.  So while this modern interpretation of Boho-Chic may have a glossier effect, we can still feel the funky roots coming through.  It’s the best of both worlds.  This elevated version of 70’s-inspired bohemian is an updated take on the (post-war Paris) Rive Gauche movement – an era as much about art as it was fashion.  A wild mix of amazing pieces, I’m calling this trend, ‘Electric-Eclectica.’