Interview Russia

They’re bringing “Super” back in this 90’s inspired nostalgic layout, featuring Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell for the December issue of Interview Russia.  Mert & Marcus capture the combined star-power of this mega-watt pair, in a fashionable tribute to the era of the Super-Model.  Beautiful in black/white, these stunning images remind us of a simpler time, when a successful model was built on her own innate ability to shine.  And for better or worse, Naomi & Kate have always been able to hold the spotlight.  While both have battled their own personal troubles including, bad relationships, addiction and legal woes – they always end up on their feet – proving that some things really do improve with age.  They have managed to beat the odds and stay relevant in an industry that prides itself on constant turn over. Their inner-strength is a testament to the power of longevity, showing us that true beauty will always transcends popular trends.