Kelly Mittendorf for Razor Red Magazine by Tak Sugita

Kelly Mittendorf puts on a brilliant show in Tom Boy Kelly for Razor Red Magazine’s Passion Issue 16.  Tak Sugita styles & shoots this high-octane sartorial parade, waking us from our fashion coma. Caught in a tempestuous tirade of style terror, the multiple faces of Mittendorf make an appearance, from rockabilly-cool to lady-politico.  This darling of androgyny blows through these characters like a bolt of theatrical energy.  Not satisfied with playing dress-up, this talented actress creates pure theater.  Each image is a window into another fascinating character, brought to life in these passionate portrayals.  Capturing the individual qualities of each persona, we are able to see past our stereotypes and feel the true spirit of independent style.   Fall’s edgiest pieces are re-interpreted in these visual-vignettes, designed to capture your imagination.  Sugita’s beautiful, brash styling is an in-your-face look at the new trend mixing way – this is a picture of the fashion forward future.  Source (FGR).


tom boy kelly