Liu Wen Gets Primal for Txema Yeste in Antidote Magazine’s ‘Animal Issue’

In yet another mind-blowing editorial, Txema Yeste continues his vision-quest, with a story that reaches beyond the borders of this layout.  Liu Wen comes face-to-face with her deepest fear in this awe-inspiring performance for the F/W issue of Antidote Magazine #4.  Never before have we been treated to such a vast amount of vivid mastery in one stimulating publication. A grand story told in a series of editorials, the Animal Issue weaves together a diverse group of women, all working toward one conceptual goal.  A poetic search for truth, Yeste’s imagery celebrates the eclectic vision seen in the ripe spirit of primal passion.  Raw, uncensored, wild and free this is a story about inner-strength and the journey toward self-discovery,