Merethe Hopland in ‘Space Odyssey’ by Walter Chin, Amica Magazine

Take a trip to the not so distant future in Walter Chin’s, ‘Space Odyssey,’ for the December issue of Amica Magazine.  A halo of light surrounds these edgy black & white images, creating an electric vision of pioneering style.  Wearing a sky-high platinum faux-hawk, Merethe Hopland is a modern dream, in a wild combination of high & low fashion.  Streamlined and super-cool, these cutting-edge looks are all about trend-blending – taking unconventional fabrics and using them in new and unusual ways.  The true state of sartorial advancement is the genre mixing hybrids.  Tomorrow is about forward movement, nothing is static and nothing is off limits.  It’s a world that embraces the concept of transformation, and encourages revolutionary thinking.  Source (visual optimism).