Vogue Italia Beauty

Goddess, Empress, Warrior or Queen the November issue of the Vogue Italia Beauty Supplement has them all.  Taking advantage of this season’s obsession with all things baroqued & baubbled, Ben Hassett delivers a costume rich pictorial starring Codie Young, Enyelisain and Kolfinna Kristófersdóttir.  Inspired by the avant-garde spirit of traditional, cultural garb – dark, rich colors often associated with royalty, are among this season’s stand-out shades.  Moving away from last year’s bright phenomena, Fall 2012 is all about a richness that denotes power and confidence. Deep rubies, scorching-reds and vibrant-violets, often called the gemstone shades, are a perfect accompaniment to the ornate accessory trend.  Finding the balance of equals, this is a look that requires a unique kind of beauty harmony.  Exquisite patterns layered with embellishment lend to an extreme style aesthetic and distinct makeup choice.  The rule when applying bold colors to multiple features – have a good eye followed by a light touch. So embrace the opulence, this dramatic look can be an exciting change from your daily routine.