Vogue Japan Beauty

Beauty takes a page out of the story books in the avant-garde fairy-tale, ‘When Snow Falls’ for the January 2013 issue of Vogue Japan.  Fashion and fantasy collide in this future-inspired editorial that celebrates the shiny, happy holiday season. Dripping in chilled couture, Julia Frauche plays a modern ice-queen, complete with silver dreadlocks, wrapped up like coiled snakes.  A dark ethereal dream, Kenneth Willardt’s fresh take on this Disney character is an inspired blend of nostalgia and innovation.  Utilizing the complimentary forces of bold color combinations, Polly Osmond creates an eye-popping variety of interpretive makeup styles in this artistic series of visual mastery.  Building on beautiful, this season is all about the art of illusion.  Allow yourself to get inspired by these unique presentations, and then set out to find the balance of equals.  Somewhere between – Rebellion & Restraint – is your ticket to gorgeous.