Julia Nobis Celebrates the Silhouette in ‘Julia’ by Anthony Maule, Numéro Magazine

Anthony Maule celebrates the silhouette in ‘Julia’ for the cover/editorial of Numéro #139, December 2012/January 2013 issue.  Julia Nobis goes hippi-goth in a wild combination of long, dark bohemian styles topped with an exotic mix of large-brimmed hats.  Stylist, Samuel Francois, uses the impressive shapes of these scene-stealing accessories as the focal point of this fashion-forward layout.  A feat of form and function, Julia uses her body to create a captivating series of powerful profiles, each projecting an outline of a cutting-edge modernity.  Remembering a time when women used their figures to make a statement, these images pay tribute to that same sense of drama and scale.  So while beauty may hinge on the details, nothing beats a stunning silhouette