Anja Rubik’s Artistic Expression by Jan Welters for Elle UK February 2013

Peek inside the mind of the masters in Jan Welters innovative editorial starring Anja Rubik for the February 2013 issue of Elle UK.  Gathering some of today’s most prolific designers we are granted unique access to the philosophy behind this Spring’s most influential trends.  Elevating the editorial to a work of modern art, Welters invites us to view these looks as Pieces of a collection rather than vacant trends.  Moving beyond the image the raw force of unedited words gives us the power of knowledge.  Having unfettered access to the creative process, we can skip the shallow pursuits and get to the heart of the art.  Whether it’s getting pearls of wisdom from Karl Lagerfeld, reading Sara Burton’s revolutionary thoughts on fashion feminism, ‘We Looked at Erotica and the Idealisation of the Female Form,’ or considering Stella McCartney’s empowered views on female dressing, I could feel the momentum of change propelling me forward. In an industry dependent on imagery it’s nice to see the inspired use of intellectual insight and mental musings.  Visual stimulation is a valuable tool, but when overused, it runs the risk of draining the potency from it’s subject.  By imbuing these designs with creative depth we are able to move past the inertia of pop-culture and enjoy the quality of excellence.  In 2013 we can’t stay mired in the mediocrity…it’s time to celebrate the Beauty of the Brain.  Source (visual optimism).