Kati Nescher in ‘New York Partie 5’ by Glen Luchford for Vogue Paris

Sculpted steel and sex-appeal, Kati Nescher sizzles in ‘New York Partie 5’ for the February issue of Vogue Paris.  Glen Luchford bears down on the beauty of New York with sweeping shots from every angle.  A dynamic picture from a unique perspective, the city unfolds with possibility as we embrace the art of modern architecture.  Arial views from the ground up allows us to appreciate the details of construction, while the captures from above give us the purity of panoramic vision. Statuesque and stylish, Nescher stands in sync with her surroundings while flowing fabrics dance in beautiful contrast against the cool concrete.  An ode to the poetry of urban living, New York Partie 5 is a celebration of structural sensations mixed with a tapestry of textural temptations.


KatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParis KatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParisKatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParisKatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParisKatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParisKatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParisKatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParisKatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParisKatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParisKatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParis KatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParis KatiNescher'NewYorkPartie5'GlenLuchfordVogueParis