Ali Whitfield in ‘China Girl’ by Max Salvaggio for Grazia Netherlands

Ali Whitfield plays a blond-haired, blue-eyed ‘China Girl’ in Max Salvaggio’s cutting-edge editorial for the April 2013 issue of Grazia Netherlands. Cast in a blue light, Salvaggio creates a vision of high-fashion animation, complete with a cool, graphic glow. Borrowing from the vibrant brand of China’s futuristic fashion scene, Whitfield fits into the neon city streets with striking aplomb. Gathering a group of divinely, diverse designs, (stylist) Tamara Gianoglio captures the momentum of Spring’s hyper-modern Asian movement with eclectic looks that scream cross couture fun. This season has gone off the traditional grid with an exciting new version of Asian-inspired styles that include every thing from triple-decker platforms to Kimono-Mod. Stand out looks that embrace the culture of artistry and structure, while allowing for a unique mix of trend-blending.

Ali Whitfield 'China Girl'

Ali Whitfield 'China Girl' 1

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Ali Whitfield 'China Girl' 2

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