Mixt(e) Magazine

Contemplating this season’s conglomeration of creative contributions, Ava Smith goes deep in ‘Upon Reflection’ by Johan Sandberg for the S/S issue of Mixt(e) Magazine. Delivering a delightfully, diverse editorial exhibition, Sandberg celebrates Spring’s proclivity toward multi-faceted fashions, with an exciting mix of eclectic ensembles. Borrowing from a broad range of vintage references and artistic inspiration, Joanna Schlenzka’s varied style selections can only be described as Abstract-Mod. Asymmetrical styling has never looked so cool, with eccentric combinations that dare to put the quirky back in Couture. Haute, heterogeneous designs derived from a variety of artistic sources, this coherent collection of contrasting colors and shapes all work together to form a fusion of high fashion fun. The appealing quality of this expressive layout is seen in it’s ability to not take itself too serious. Reaching across the great graphic divide. On the one side you have the purists, extreme minimalist advocates that will only endure the purest forms of architectural inspiration, and on the other, those born out of an era that encourages avant-garde exploration. Where do you fall?

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