Sølve Sundsbø delivers High Fashion Hair Sculpture in Vogue Italia

Sølve Sundsbø delivers the first of it’s kind of high fashion hair sculpture for the April issue of Vogue Italia. Finely tuned and artfully built, these conceptual creations combine the architectural elements of style/beauty, to form a masterful mix of molded manes and avant-garde ensembles. Models: Linn Arvidsson, Ashleigh Good, Chiharu Okunugi & Stina Rapp, are walking works of art, with gravity defying coiffed couture by Lisa Eldridge. Drama doubles when futuristic fashion meets surrealistic beauty, for structural shapes that are more than just modern, they are revolutionary. Passionate pioneers embracing a vision of tomorrow, these Tectonic-Tresses take us to a place where hair domes and heart-hats are everyday events. A cutting-edge collaboration, this explosive editorial celebrates the advancement of style inspired by the spirit of innovation.

vogue italia beauty 1

vogue italia beauty 3

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vogue italia beauty