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Lifting the embargo on explorative art, Jeff Bark brings his fashion freak-show to town in ‘Divine Comedy’ for the May 2013 Tribes Issue of Dazed & Confused. High art or hedonistic exhibitionism, Catherine McNeil stars in this avant-garde circus style performance piece, surrounded by a series of side-show rarities. Finding the exquisite in the extreme, (stylist) Robbie Spencer celebrates diversity with beautifully disturbing images that dare to be rare. In our never-ending pursuit to break creative barriers, this powerful editorial poses an interesting question. Is the road to creative enlightenment littered with the remnants of derailed debauchery, or is the unrestrained pursuit of pleasure a symbol of artistic freedom? By letting go of all inhibitions are we closer to experiencing higher ground or are we limiting our instinctual abilities? Always on the cutting-edge, Jeff Bark’s inspired imagery never fails to lift the cultural conversation to another level.

Jeff Bark Divine Comedy Dazed & Confused

Jeff Bark Dazed and Confused Divine Comedy

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Jeff Bark Dazed & Confused Cover