Katrin Thormann Stars in ‘The Rose’ by Kristian Schuller for French Revue De Modes #22

The Theater of Spring opens with ‘The Rose,’ a stellar piece of couture choreography by Kristian Schuller for the 2013 S/S issue of French Revue De Modes #22. Orchestrating an avant-garde interpretation of modern love, the aerobatic artistry of this editorial plays out like an operatic tragedy. Taking us to the heights of style, Peggy Schuller gathers a heavenly blend of high fashion that floats through the air like so many clouds of haute couture. Facing off against the preening, perky pastels of Spring, the passion of this season’s primary colors collide in an explosion of expressionist art. A rhapsody in red and yellow, the high notes of this mono-chromatic melody sing out against the bold blends of black & white. Swept up in the agony of ecstasy, the drama unfolds into one final moment of climactic creation. Dying for her art, Katrin Thormann hangs lifeless & lovely, bleeding yards of yellow chiffon roses.

katrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modes-4katrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modes-5katrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modes-7katrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modeskatrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modes-10katrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modes-9Kristian Schuller 'The Rose' French Revue De Modes 01katrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modes-12katrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modes-8katrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modes-3katrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modes-1katrin-thormann-by-kristian-schuller-for-french-revue-de-modes-6