Milou Sluis in ‘Dreamland’ by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones for Numéro # 143

In the creative haze of abstract etherealism the statuesque beauty of Milou Sluis artfully emerges in ‘Dreamland’ by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones for Numéro #143. A stunning symbol of strength and empowerment, Sluis’ empyreal shape dances through a diaphanous cloud of creative cutouts & surreal silhouettes. Covered in an airy, aura of erotic overlays, each image provides a poetic piece of the puzzle. Beauty coming into her own, through the shades of shear transparencies we see the evolution of modern woman. The female form as a force of nature. Through the lens of illusion that we get clarity. The body celebrated for it’s power, not it’s sexual value. As we head to tomorrow, it’s the thought-provoking works of great visionaries that provide a promise for change. Ever elevating the art of editorial expression, this trail-blazing team delivers the definitive fashion fantasy for the season.

Dreamland Numero  6

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