Querelle Jansen in ‘Rose, Red Youth’ by Lachlan Bailey for Exhibition Magazine

Young beauty destined for tragedy, Querelle Jansen plays the part of Sibyl Vane in ‘Rose, Red Youth’ by Lachlan Bailey for Exhibition Magazine S/S 2013. A character that came to represent all that innocence implies, to her detriment, she would come to catch the eye of the dashing Dorian Grey in the famous American classic, ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey.’ Showcasing a series of artistic editorials inspired by the nuanced novel, Bailey bravely takes on this complex character in the publication’s aptly named, The Dorian Issue. Swept up in a fury of love only to be left at the height of it’s grasp, the dark, romantic tale takes a tragic turn when after betrayed by her betrothed she ends her own life. Embracing the theme with abandon, Jansen’s raw, emotive quality lends itself to the haunting nature of this heroine’s demise, with powerful imagery the captures the up-close agony of love lost.