Eliza Cummings by Alasdair McLellan for i-D Summer 2013

Eliza Cummings shows us that Spring is not about status quo in this stunning spectacle shot by Alasdair McLellan for i-D Summer 2013. This season’s greatest artists aren’t just revisiting the past they are reinventing the very concept of revision. In this inspired take on trend interpretation, Lucia Pica’s unique approach to makeup allows the process to re-frame itself, by (re)evaluating each unique aspect of a look. An action I call trend-dissembling, this altered form of updating ensures a more edgy outcome. By rethinking the value of color, or how the momentum of texture and style play off each other, each becomes an opportunity of exploration. The beauty of blue isn’t just it’s ability to pop, it’s the interaction between the shades that elevate the overall look. The harmony of equals, this brand of beauty requires a new breed of artists that I refer to as pioneers. Designers, stylists, makeup-artists and photographers that don’t just take on projects, they take on challenges. When the individual elements of style are re-imagined then the potential of real trend evolution can take place. Pop inspired beauty has never been hotter, but at what point does revival become redundant. Here we see potential played out on an epic level. Pica’s ability to both individualize and synchronize makes her a true asset to the future of fashion. She sees that the relevancy of renewal isn’t just about imaging a new spin on an old style, it’s about broadening the foundation with which it’s built on.  The arch of innovation starts from scratch. By taking a deeper approach to the concept of modernization we ensure that as we go forward we are truly breaking new ground.

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