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Caught in a state of beautiful bewilderment, Gabi Paszcza puts the pieces together in ‘Perplexity’ by Dario Salamone for Razor Red Magazine #17. As we make our way through the perpetual puzzle of intricate entanglements that is life, we look to the distraction of high fashion for a creative escape. A way to make it through the compilation of complications. The Amazing Issue celebrates the art of interference, with a daring mix of attention diverting designs, styled by Francesco Casarotto. A job well done, experimenting with this crazy concoction of clothing is sure to shake things up & catapult you straight to cool. In an ongoing effort to capture the imagination, Razor Red is on a mission to remind us about the wonders of exploration. Allowing those elements that both excite and inspire to elevate you out of you reality, if for only a moment, can inspire change.

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