Jasmin Jalo in ‘Only Girl in the World’ by Chuando & Frey for L’Officiel Singapore

Jumping around in artful jubilation, Jasmin Jalo is the ‘Only Girl in the World’ in Chuando & Frey’s ethereal editorial for the May 2013 issue of L’Officiel Singapore. Let the pendulum of Spring swing, from the abstract realm of stylized surrealism to the subliminal world of exotic expressionism, the shared vision of the season seems to be one of synergism. By allowing a more intellectually based editorial to emerge, we are beginning to see growth in the form of action expansion. Ideas united by the comprehensive conceptualization of Fashion & Philosophy, this unique combination of intellect and imagination has pushed the editorial process to it’s greatest heights. As a fashion writer, I have never felt more free to express myself. Once fearing my passion for combining style and philosophy would relegate me to relative obscurity, I now see as something that sets me apart. The sub-sect of cult creation has always been a source of some of our greatest talent, however, as we enter a new era I say those of us hiding should come out of the shadows and shine. It’s time for a societal shift to take place. Time to acknowledge the truly gifted among us and call for an end to our celebrity driven culture that allows people to pose as writers, designers, actors and artists. As we reach for a more complete artistic experience, the tendency toward rewarding false accomplishment will fall away, and only the strong will survive. The beauty of tomorrow depends on the standards we hold ourselves to today.

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