Anastasiya Tarasava in ‘HI-YA’ by Nikolay Biryukov for Twenty6 Magazine

Part femme-fatale part female warrior, Anastasiya Tarasava is ready for battle in ‘HI-YA’ by Nikolay Biryukov for The H Issue of Twenty6 Magazine. Beautiful and brave, today’s woman is out on the front lines of life fighting for her voice. An artful expression of repressed rage, Biryukov’s spirited vision speaks to years of systematic subjugation. Baring the marks of tribal toned beauty (makeup artist) Marina Keri creates a Goddess-Geisha/Samurai-Queen with raging red eyes and fierce finger tips to match, the haunting beauty of the white-washed face lends itself to the spirit of the modern warrior. A theatrical mix of fashion forward fighting garb and crazy coiffed hair, Charlotte Anderson Sumner’s stylish production makes Tarasava the picture of empowerment.

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